Sloped Top and Bottom Clock Enclosure

Our sloped top and bottom clock enclosure has been designed to mount over an existing clock, such as the PRIMEX range of clocks. This way any initial investment is already being protected.

Sloped top and bottom clock enclosure.

The sloped design prevents material from being looped around the clock enclosure for self-harm. Resulting in the material just sliding off. Designed with patient and inmate protection in mind.2 sloped sided clock enclosure

**Patent pending. 

The clock enclosure is manufactured from sheet steel, welded for maximum strength and then powder coated in white.

2 sloped sided clock enclosure

Manufactured around the PRIMEX clock range, this solution can be deployed in any hospital facility, knowing it also provides anti ligature protection for the most vulnerable patients.

suicide resistant clock enclosure

The sloped top and bottom clock enclosure will accommodate any clock upto 13″ diameter, for more details please contact us directly on (609) 878-0263.