Anti-ligature Clock Enclosure’s (ALCE) products.

Who Anti-Ligature Clock Enclosure are?

ALCE are a fabricated company that manufactures various types of protective steel enclosures, which are used in patient and inmate protection for psychiatric and correctional facilities.

What ligature resistant enclosures do ALCE manufacture?

anti-ligature clock enclosure

We currently manufacture ligature resistant enclosures, a range for clocks, so no matter if you have digital or analogue clocks we have a solution for you. We also offer protective cases for electronic equipment that are used in these high risk facilities. Click the link for more details on the ALCE Anti-Ligature Clock Enclosure and likewise for the ligature resistant electronics electronic equipment enclosure. We are also developing the following products and all are patent pending:

If you have a clock in psychiatric or correctional facility, we have the solution for you. With our new Battery Operated Ligature Resistant Safety Clock, this is the only battery operated large LED clock solution on the market. For more details visit here.

Alces's Large LED ligature resistant safety clock

Every part of the manufacturing process is done inhouse, from when the steel is delivered into the factory in strip mill form and leaves as an actual finished, powder coated product.


ALCE enclosures are also suicide resistant.

Due to their unique and patent pending design, ALCE’s enclosures are also suicide resistant, so these protective enclosures can be used giving peace of mind to the healthcare facilities staff and patients knowing that everyday items can now be deployed in high risk wards, whilst providing the maximum protection from self-harm.

**Patent pending for all types of clock and electronic enclosures.

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