3 Sloped Sided Clock Enclosure

To compliment our range of clock enclosures for mental health facilities, we have designed a 3 sloped sided clock which allows the clock to be mounted flush with the ceiling whilst providing a ligature proof solution for clock deployment.

3 sloped sided clock enclosure

**Patent pending**

3 sloped sided clock enclosure.

Designed so that the clock enclosure can be mounted as pictured as well as with the flat side flush with the ceiling, ensuring no material can be looped around the enclosure or the clock.

3 sloped sided clock enclosure

The enclosure will accommodate a clock up to 13″ in diameter such as the PRIMEX range of clocks. The body of the enclosure mounts over the clock and is bolted to the wall, then the unit is secured with a Lexan panel and anti-tamper fastenings.

3 sloped sided clock enclosure

For more details on the 3 sloped sided clock enclosure we offer for mental health facilities, contact us directly on (609) 878-0263. Our offices are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm EST.