Ligature Resistant Safety Clock

ALCE’s Ligature Resistant Safety Clock is the perfect timekeeping device for environments requiring high safety and durability standards, such as healthcare and correctional facilities. It is designed to prevent self-harm while keeping track of time.

ligature resistant safety clock

Unique Features and Benefits of ALCE’s Ligature Resistant Safety Clock.

This clock is the ultimate solution for such environments, thanks to its unique features and benefits. It is specifically designed to be ligature-resistant, minimizing points where a cord, rope, or bedsheet could be attached to create a ligature point. Which is a common concern in psychiatric and correctional facilities. The clock’s vandal-resistant cover protects the internal components of the clock, ensuring longevity and reliability in challenging environments.

Constructed from heavy gauge steel, it offers high abuse resistance.

Constructed from heavy gauge steel, it offers high abuse resistance. The clock face is shielded by a 1/4″ Polycarbonate panel, providing protection against abrasion and UV light. It features a powder-coated textured white finish with white numbers and lettering on a black background.

Safety Features when a ligature resistant safety clock is deployed

The clock’s sloped top and bottom prevent ligature points (other designs with 4 sloping sides are available as an option), making it a safer option. The access panel is secured with tamper-resistant fasteners. These add an extra layer of security compared to compression locks.

ALCE's ligature resistant LED clock

Installation Requirements:

The enclosure can be installed almost anywhere, with no need for an electrical outlet as the clock is battery operated. Giving total flexibility to the facility, for deployment.

It includes Torx Pin-In-Head tamper-resistant screws and additional hardware for secure mounting.

Dimensions: The overall dimensions are 16 1/8” (410mm) wide x 11 15/16” (300mm) high x 2 3/8” (60mm) deep.

Impact on Staff and Patients

The introduction of the BATAZ has positively impacted both staff and patients in several ways:

Staff Efficiency: Awareness of time has led to increased punctuality in staff rounds.

Patient Dignity: The presence of a clock aids in maintaining a semblance of normalcy, contributing to patient dignity.

Reduced Agitation: The clock has reduced the frequency of patients asking staff for the time, that significantly reduced agitation for both staff and patients​​.

This detailed overview of the BATAZ Ligature Resistant Safety Clock highlights its specialized design and the positive impact it has on the environment where it is used, catering to the unique needs of behavioral and correctional facilities.

Choose the Ligature Resistant Safety Clock by ALCE to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone in your facility. Call us on (609) 878-0263 and quote product reference number BATAZ.