3 Sloped Sided Noticeboard

3 Sloped Top Noticeboard for hospital and correctional facility use.

Our patent pending suicide resistant noticeboard has been developed to provide notices, information and even menu details to both patients of psychiatric facilities, as well as inmates in correctional facilities.

Anti Ligature magnetic noticeboard.

With the enclosure being manufactured from steel, this makes it the perfect solution, as small magnets can be used to secure the paperwork to the rear of the enclosure. Allowing the information to be clearly visible, yet the noticeboard enclosure provides the patient protection from self-harm.

3 sloped sided bulletin board

**Patent pending**

3 sloped sided noticeboardAnti ligature patient display board.

The enclosures are made to the same, high standards as our TV enclosures. With the same high security locks and the thickest viewing window in the industry. The viewing window is mounted on internal studs, preventing the viewing window from being pushed off. Also, the Lexan window will withstand a chair being thrown at it.

Designs of our anti-ligature bulletin board.

Due to the various risk levels the psychiatric facilities have, we have designed a range of bulletin boards to cover everything from low risk, through to severe risk. All 4 designs are patent pending and these include:

Sloped top noticeboard

Sloped top and bottom

3 sloped sided display boards

4 sloped sided noticeboards

anti ligature bulletin board

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