Anti-Ligature Electronics Enclosure (ALCE)

Anti Ligature Electronics Enclosure Enabling The Deployment of Electronic Hardware.

With more and more electronics being deployed in psychiatric and correctional facilities, the need for protection from patient/inmate intervention is paramount.

We developed the anti-ligature electronics enclosure when a client inquired if we could offer a solution to protect WIFI routers in a psychiatric ward, we then came up with this patent pending design. Sloped on all 4 sided to prevent looping of material for self-harm.

The steel enclosure is designed from solid steel, welded for maximum rigidity and strength and comprises of concealed hinges and the door is secured using 2 approved safe locks.


The ligature resistant electronics enclosure.

This enables almost any electronic hardware that can fit into the enclosure to be deployed in high risk facilities. The internal space is 18” wide x 11” high x 5” deep. Giving peace of mind to the facility that they are compliant at all times.

Suicide resistant electronics enclosures.

The 4 sloping sides prevents the looping of material and the security locks prevent unauthorized access, this is unique in the industry as it is not component specific and can be used for a wide variety of projects, from accommodating wayfinding hardware, WIFI access points and any other electronics that can fit in the protective cabinet.

How does the anti-ligature electronics enclosure work?

suicide resistant electronics enclosure

There are 4 holes in the rear of the cabinet, to mount the enclosure to the wall, the electronics are then installed into the enclosure and the vented door locked, protecting the electronic hardware inside.

The protective enclosure is designed with vent holes top and bottom to allow hot air to escape out of the cabinet; with a vented door so no hot air builds up within the housing. The vent hole sizes are compliant so no one can force a paperclip into them to hold any material for self-harming.

The patent pending design if for the 4 sloping sided unit for the application of deploying electronic hardware in high risk areas such as behavorial health facilities or detention centers. The design prevents material from being looped around the casing and used to form a norse to self-harm.

Product Code:EE15 with dimensions 18” wide x 11” high x 5” deep available in white epoxy powder coating.

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