Suicide Resistant Clock Enclosure (ALCE) – We Have The Solution

Suicide resistant Clock Enclosure (ALCE) patent pending design.

Our anti-ligature enclosure for clocks is unique in that is has 4 sloping sides so nothing can be looped around the clock for self-harm.

anti-ligature clock enclosure

This steel enclosure is welded for maximum strength with a rather thick 1/6” display window made from Lexan that will withstand the most sustained attacks. This allows both psychiatric and correctional facilities to deploy standard digital clocks in any location, knowing that the clock is fully protected and so are the patients.

The ALCE – ligature resistant clock enclosure.

Our patent pending design is being manufactured and will be available directly from stock from our warehouse. Available in 1 size 11 1/2” x 11 1/2” x 2” with a display window of 6 3/8” x 6 3/8”, this ligature resistant clock enclosure has been designed so standard digital clocks from the like of Amazon, Walmart etc. will fit straight off the bat.

These are currently in stock in our Indiana warehouse and can be purchased using the link below:

Looking for a Ligature Resistant Safety LED Clock?

Well look no further! ALCE has developed the only battery operated ligature resistant safety LED clock, on the market. This allows with quick and efficient deployment in behavioral health wards. For more details click here.

ALCE's ligature resistant LED safety clock

Suicide resistant clock enclosures.

What’s the option if you don’t protect the clock in one of these high risk facilities? If a standard clock is mounted on a wall and some poor soul decides to loop some material around the clock, they may or may not be successful in self-harming. Yet, when a suicide resistant clock enclosure is deployed and a digital clock used, material would just slip off the 4 sloped sides of the enclosure – preventing self-harming.

How does the anti-ligature clock enclosure mount?

The rear body of the clock enclosure has 4 mounting holes to drill into the wall for mounting the rear to the wall, the digital clock is then mounted to the rear body and the front section is then placed into the rear section and secured in position with anti-tamper fasteners.


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