Sloped Top & Bottom Display Board

Sloped Top & Bottom Display Board

Our innovative sloped top and bottom display board allows notices to be displayed for patients and inmates, so they are aware of their rights, news and additional information. The sloped sided display board enclosure allows the notices to be displayed in a safe and secure manner whilst providing a ligature proof solution for updating patients of their legal rights and the legal stance of the facility.

sloped top and bottom noticeboard

**Patent pending**

Sloped top and bottom bulletin board.

The enclosure will accommodate multiple notices, with a clear viewing area of 55” wide x 40″ high. The body of the enclosure mounts directly to the wall using 4 corner bolt holes 1/2″ diameter (no fixing provided), the notices are secured into position with small magnets, then the door is locked with 2 high security locks.

sloped top and bottom bulletin board

Overall size: 57½” wide x 43 ¾” high x 3 deep

sloped top and bottom display board

For more details on the sloped top and bottom display board we offer for mental health facilities, contact us directly on (609) 878-0263. Our offices are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm EST.